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RGB 4” Fog Lights
RGB 4” Fog Lights

RGB 4” Fog Lights

$200.00 $200.00

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Want those colored fog lights separate, well here it is! 4” RGB Fogs ready to gooo.

2-tab fog brackets (Purchased Separately)
JK steel bumper special edition (10th Anniversary, Hard Rock, etc)
JL/JT Rubicon bumper steel 

3-tab fog brackets 
(Purchased Separately)

JL/JT Sport/Sport S stock bumper

4-tab fog brackets (Included with Purchase)
All other JK models and most JK aftermarket bumpers (please verify with manufacturer)
JL/JT Sahara and Rubicon plastic OEM bumpers
JL/JT aftermarket bumpers - (please verify with manufacturer)