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Jeep JBASS Platinum Tailgate Combo
Jeep JBASS Platinum Tailgate Combo
Jeep JBASS Platinum Tailgate Combo
Jeep JBASS Platinum Tailgate Combo

Jeep JBASS Platinum Tailgate Combo


DS18 is always finding ways for Jeepers to put bass in their builds in all kinds of unique ways. The JBASS combo Package is the perfect solution for all Jeepers alike to add great sounding bass to their rides without sacrificing space all while having amazing show quality looks.

This Package comes with a highly durable plastic mold injected subwoofer enclosure that fits right on the back of your TJ, JK, or JL jeeps and holds two hard hitting DS18 flat mount subs. Also included are RGB LEDs around the protective grill so you can match your pre-existing lighting or theme and you can change the colors easily with your phone with the included LED-BTC light controller.

To power these subs is a high powered DS18 amplifier picked out to match your subs wattage perfectly so you get the most from your setup. We also include an ampkit to easily install this DS18 powerhouse amp.


  • High strength plastic mold injected ported enclosure for two flat mount 10 inch subwoofers.
  • Easily mountable on the rear gate of your JK, or JL Jeep saving you space while getting maximum bass.
  • High powered amplifier especially picked to perfectly match the power needs of your subwoofers with included amp kit.
  • RGB LED lights included on the ensure grill to give you a nice aesthetic ambience to match your theme or existing light setup. LED-BTC controller included so you can easily change the colors with your phone.

    Download JBASS Product Manual 

    1x Jbass Enclosure

    • For Proper Use, Space Saving Install on Tailgate
    • Size: D x W x H : 28.74" / 13.77" / 5.9" mm
    • 6 Core 1.5m Input Wires for RGB and Woofer Speakers

    2x IXS10.4D

    • Size: 10"
    • RMS 500W
    • MAX Power:1000W
    • 4+4 Ohms

    1x 1 Channel Monoblock Amplifier


    • All the wires and connectors needed to run into your jeep

    1X LED-BTC

    • Module that will allow you to control lights via Bluetooth
    • RGB lights will allow you to make any color