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Highland Series ProX Rock Lights
Highland Series ProX Rock Lights

Highland Series ProX Rock Lights


Wiring Schematic IOS APP

*Lead Time of 3-4 weeks

Hold up, wait, it gets brighter?! Yes, yes it does! We brought the boom with the Highland ProX LED Rock Light. We are talking the NEXT STEP Mack Daddy, SEMA Builds don’t even qualify for this much badassery. Unlike unfinished welds, each single rock light contains an Aluminum casing waterproof pod rock light. 

The Highland ProX Rock Light has 30 high power LED’s that have an output of 9,000 lumens and emit a wide beam. So, go ahead and pound on your chest making gorilla noises, we are just as excited as you are! 

The Biggest differences between the Highland Pro and ProX Rock Light are 2 factors. The ProX obviously has more LED’s creating more light output, but we changed up the RGB+W chips in the pods to create a smoother transition of color matching. With this updated LED chip, when colors are mixed you will not get the “rainbow” color effect as harsh vs the PRO pods. This comes down to a preference of how you mount and display your colors. 

We also offer an add on 6" or 12" RGB+W Strip that integrates with the Highland Rock Light Controller Kit to accent all you need. We also offer our own in house made rock light brackets because placement matters! 

The Bluetooth Control Box offers 2 additional features. A WHITE wire comes out that when power hits it, the pods turn to ALL WHITE LED for tapping into your factory reverse or courtesy wiring, however you would choose to use that. The BLUE wire coming out, when power hits it, all pods override and turn to ALL RED LED for braking. Additional wiring required for these options! A RF Controller also comes with the lights as well in case you just do not like messing with an APP, we have you covered either way!

  • Various length extension leads available for purchase. Kits come with what are needed to install on a Jeep in basic mounting positions. If you need it longer, pick your poison. 
  • Bluetooth App for iOS and Android phones AND a RF Controller for RGB+W
  • All Single Colors come with a on/off harness to wire in
  • RGB+W or Single Color Only with each pod boasting 44 LED’s
  • Diecast Aluminum housing that is basically indestructible
  • Plug-n-play 
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Energy saving and environmental protection, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof

Add On RGB+W LED Strip
Don't forget this little strip, it plugs right into the breakout or extension of the RGB+W harness and allows you to use 6" or 12" long strips! Most people like putting this in there grille to help lighten up the front, or underneath for bright coverage, but a great add on for any kit!

*If power is lost or pulled from vehicle, the pods do remember last color selection and will recall it when powered back up.

*many rock lights use a blend of colors for white, creating a rainbow effect. Our true white led's are independent of the colors and are a true white.