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9" Vader Series
9" Vader Series
9" Vader Series
9" Vader Series

9" Vader Series





The 9" Vader Series is finally here, pumping that sleek death look into the heart of your Wrangler. Let those eyes stare into your soul while the colors scroll by. Feel the force tell you that you can climb that rock at the grocery store, because you are a winner. Flip on the 65W Low Beam for 5200 lumens of self destruction, no chewie saving here. It's a new look, for that manly guy who can't handle the diamond looking halos we sell. This pumps Darth Maul's blood into your ego, you don't need anyone to accomplish the travel to Tatooine.
The app offers hundreds of different chasing, scrolling, solid color RGB so you can do anything you can imagine! 

65W low beam
5200 lumen output
IP68 Waterproof
Built in Canbus
2 Rebreather Holes
Integrated Heat Sink