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4" Fog Lights
4" Fog Lights
4" Fog Lights

4" Fog Lights


You can't just upgrade your headlights leave those sad pathetic stock fogs in there, so here's a smooth but bright option for a quick replacement! These 30W fogs are DOT Certified and put out 1440 Lumens per fog giving you that brightness you need. Simple clean black design all wrapped up into an IP67 protected fog light. 

Standard H4 plug, easy play and plug
Rebreather hole at the back side, to help solve the problem of moisture inside 
With EMC: Anti-electromagnetic interference built in


* we highly suggest running an Anti-Flicker Harness with any LED headlight conversion to ensure that flickering is not an issue. If you do not already have a Anti-Flicker harness, we offer a H4-H13 Anti Flicker harness here

* we highly suggest using a 50W LED Load Resistor on each turn signal to solve the issue of hyper flash. When integrating the turn signal feature from the headlight to the OEM harness, this helps solve the issue. We offer a set of Load Resistors here


2-tab fog brackets (Purchased Separately)
JK steel bumper special edition (10th Anniversary, Hard Rock, etc)
JL/JT Rubicon bumper steel 

3-tab fog brackets 
(Purchased Separately)

JL/JT Sport/Sport S stock bumper

4-tab fog brackets (Included with Purchase)
All other JK models and most JK aftermarket bumpers (please verify with manufacturer)
JL/JT Sahara and Rubicon plastic OEM bumpers
JL/JT aftermarket bumpers - (please verify with manufacturer)