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7" Empire Skull Series
7" Empire Skull Series
7" Empire Skull Series
7" Empire Skull Series
7" Empire Skull Series
7" Empire Skull Series

7" Empire Skull Series



The Empire Skull Series 7" Headlights are very different. They come with a skull that has 9 mode RGB options as you scroll through. No app or controller for this, everything is hardwired and the RGB select colors are triggered by an on/off send to the wire. See pictures for optional wiring schemes. Wire for white DRL halo and a wire for Amber Turns!

An H4 connector is what is on the headlight.
If you do not have an anti-flicker harness, you will want to get one so the lights do not flicker. Please follow this link to add to your cart.

Each headlight has a 6500K color temperature with a service life of more than 50,000 hours. IP67 rated.
Operating Lumens Output: 5200LM (50W High Beam), 3300LM (30W Low Beam).

*Please note, this requires additional wiring to get desired results and sync of functions correctly. If not comfortable wiring, please inquire about local install or use a reputable 4x4 shop to install. 

Mode 1: Green
Mode 2: Red
Mode 3: Blue
Mode 4: Red
Mode 5: Cyan
Mode 6: Slow Scroll all Colors
Mode 7: Fast Scroll all Colors
Mode 8: Strobe all Colors
Mode 9: Slow Fading all Colors

To fit these on a JL you will need the following 9" to 7" headlight adaptor
To fit these on a JK you will need a H4-H13 connector (included with most headlights)
To fit these on a TJ you just need the light


Education and transparency are so important to us that we would rather lose you as a customer than for you to be misinformed about what you are buying from us! Please read the following before making your purchase so that you can be prepared for a successful install!

     Every vehicle has uniqueness’s that can become frustrating when installing a product without much experience doing so. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and are here to help you through the entire process of installing our products. Please reach out to us if you do not understand the install process OR if you need help or advice with it. The last thing that we want you to do is finish and realize you have to redo part of it because something was missed. If you are not comfortable with automotive wiring or simply suck at it, PLEASE call a friend who is comfortable or a local auto shop for help.

     Plug-n-play refers to the main headlight. This means that the headlight plugs into an adapter, which plugs into the factory wiring harness for the headlight to work. If there are color options with a wiring harness or you want to wire the headlights to your daytime running lights or turn signals, additional wiring is required. These options are not plug-n-play and require general knowledge about automotive wiring. Again, if you are not comfortable with automotive wiring or simply suck at it, PLEASE call a friend who is comfortable or a local auto shop for help.

     With any LED headlights, we highly recommend including an anti-flicker harness to ensure that the headlights do not flicker. Our headlights include a H4-H13 adapter so that they are plug-n-play. However, this adapter is NOT an anti-flicker harness. BUT, we do sell anti-flicker harnesses. Why do we sell them separately? Many people already have anti-flicker harnesses with their current LED headlights. By offering anti-flicker harnesses as add-ons for the people who need them, we keep the headlight prices lower for you! If our headlights are flickering and you don't have anti-flicker harnesses, you didn't read this ;)  Click here for our Anti-Flicker Harness

     When wiring headlights to turn signals, we also recommend using a 50W LED 6ohm load resistor between the headlight turn signal wire and the factory turn signal wire. This resistor will prevent the turn signals from hyper flashing. You can add these resistors HERE

     After successfully installing your awesome new headlights, you will need to check the height and evenness of their beam pattern. This is very important for safe nighttime driving. If you do not know how to adjust this, simply Google "how to adjust jeep jk headlights" and learn a new skill!

     We are excited for you to LOVE our products! Again, if you need help or advice with the install process, please reach out to us. Regardless, NEVER GIVE UP!!!

 SKULL Series - Installation Manual


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