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About Us

Life moves at such a fast pace that many times we lose sight of who we are. Empire Offroad is an endeavor to not only prove to ourselves who we were meant to be, but also our hearts behind helping others. We have all watched countless friends wonder how they would afford better headlights, lightbars, or colored rock lights... not knowing what to buy or what’s best for their needs. So many options are out there and prices vary from dirt cheap to the cost of a car payment for one light.  So we spent countless hours in the garage researching, testing and coming up with ways to offer quality products that we ourselves would put on our Jeeps.  Our goal was to find QUALITY that would be affordable and backed with a warranty. Something that we would be proud to sell and happy to answer a call if anyone had a question or an issue. And that is exactly where Empire Offroad LED started!

Matthew Edel-Owner

Paul Lewis-Owner