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Highrise RGB 8 Channel Universal Switch Panel


We wanted to offer you an affordable RGB Control Switch Panel to help manage all the added extra's to whatever application you have. We spend a lot of time researching a solid, quality, but affordable switch! We don't just sell these switches, we run them in our rigs!

- Innovative design with compact size              
- 8 channels with 600W at 12V and 1200W at 24V
- User-defined, free to match                                
- Wide working temperature -40~105°C
- Single Switch Mode Options: On/Off with 7 color backgrounds to choose from with optional brightness control (does not offer momentary or strobe feature on this panel)
- Universal bracket for mounting 

Install Wire Lengths as follows:
9” power feed wire from battery to fuse box
25” power from fuse box to control box
33” negative wire